You’re darn right she was there.

You gotta read what I just finished.

I am a fairly consistent devourer of books. Don’t leave me unattended at charity fundraisers that are bookcentric. Or at used and new bookshops. Or even the random discount bins of books that are in the middle of my grocery store… what evil doer even thought of that? Jerk! *Sorry. That was my bank account talking. 

glow lotus
Sigh…I love words.

Okay! This book. It came to me recently as a gift from a friend who, I’m fairly certain, knows me better than I know myself sometimes. She and I don’t live in the same city so we text about our current and past reads. *Hi, A. I miss you!*

Britt-Marie Was Here was sweetly well-timed for what I am doing now, or rather, some of what I will no longer tolerate/have given up doing in the last year.

I won’t get too specific about the contents because spoilers are the WORST.

Why do people do that in their reviews?! Not cool, guys. Not cool.

Okay so here’s what I WILL say and why it resonated with me. Now obviously I’m not a 63-year-old, socially awkward woman who has recently separated from her husband of 40 years. What you’ll find is the fun part of how this is written; you watch her engage with new people, places, and experiences. That! That’s the stuff where I am cheering her on while gently giving myself a pat on the back for the relateable bits.

As an introvert — yes I am one and that may be spoken of in detail another day — I appreciate that she still maintains some of her obsessive tendencies while learning a lot about herself in the process.

glow lotus

This book is from the same author of the acclaimed Beartown and A Man Called Ove, so if you’ve read one or both of those, which are two on my top 100 favorite books, you know you’re getting another read you won’t want to put down until you get to the last page.

Fredrik Backman creates beautiful novels around realistic fiction. I read all three of these in public, crying and laughing out loud at different points of each. Taking me through a gamut of feels is always the sign of a good book!

I’m not getting paid to promote what I’ve read (yet. Hey there, Amazon. Let’s be friends?) I’m sharing this particular book review because while our heroine Britt-Marie may be in her 60’s, that doesn’t stop her from discovering her strengths and dreams. Maybe this sweet little character’s glow will inspire you, too.

Xx, Stace.

Here are the other two books – click each for a free preview: