Should I stay or…

“Should I stay or should I go now?” Ah, music. For me that song never gets old. Anyhow! It relates to tonight’s shorter-than-usual post as my longer entry is with its subject, insuring facts and such. Stay tuned for that interview-inspired story.

In the interim I give you this:

A whole lotta yep to this one for some (most) of us these days. Are YOU fulfilled? Loving and living your best life?

Living to work, or working to live? Cash in your bajillion hours of banked vacation and overtime.

Continue to look inside you and what you need. Life is work, yes. I get it. We have responsibilities. Bills.

You also work to fully enjoy your days (weeks) off. Get booking that all-inclusive, that safari, the fam trip to Disneyland. Those are bills to pay too.

If you feel you “just can’t swing it”? I hereby give you allowance to call them Happiness Invoices. Ergo, debt y’all need to deal with.

You could get hit by a bus tomorrow. Sorry for the morbid note. But it’s true. Do you want your last thought to be “why did we wait to book that trip?” Of course not.

I look forward to hearing about your vacation. Because you’re looking into it. Like, now.

Xx, Stace.