Ten days of reflection.

What a week… what a world. When I see and hear about the tragedies that keep happening in the country next door, it makes me grateful to live where I do. But we are not without our own issues. No one government, city, or person is without faults.

Because we are inundated with the negative info online even when we try to avoid it, it’s important to try and change gears you come to my blog. Turn up the happy, if you will, (but not to the point where we are drowning in rainbows and unicorns.) Let’s start with a question:

If I asked you to name all the things that you love, how long would it take for you to name YOURSELF?

Yeah. Mind explose-o. You said your kids, your parents/friends/career/car… the list of external people and things goes on. But what good is all of that if you aren’t loving You? I’ll tell you what — you won’t be playing outside with the children, nor celebrating birthdays with the folks and pals, and definitely not zipping outta town on a road trip after a fab day on the job, if you are sick, fighting the sad, or feeling defeated. Trust me…I’ve been there so, so many times.

And then? You feel guilt and shame or whatever negative emotion bubbles up and overwhelms you for not being able to be there for those people. The cycle continues. Pleh. Don’t do that anymore.

I wanna help you to stop that. Today.

Commit to the following ten things for the next ten days. Grab that journal you got as a gift or bought on Boxing Day but have been saving for…something. This is the something! Manifest some self love for the next two weeks by jotting down these Q’s and your A’s. One a day or go nuts — do all of ’em in one shot if so inclined! 

Here we go, friends:

  1. Name one thing you love about a) your body and b) your personality.
  2. Give me three positive words you would use to describe yourself to a stranger.
  3. What is the most loving thing you have done for yourself in the last year? Perhaps you are due for a repeat.
  4. List five things that make you happy to be alive.
  5. Think of a song that never fails to make you want to bust a move. Now put it on and dance, right NOW. (Bonus points if you’re in a store or parking lot!) 
  6. Write down a moment of strength you are proud of yourself for.
  7. Who are your role models? What qualities do they have that you admire and could strive to attain?
  8. Write down a sentence you wish someone would say to you. Now ask someone you trust to say it sometime when you aren’t expecting it. Do the same thing for them. *I’m already grinning. 
  9. What is a compliment you receive yet struggle to accept? *Consider this: You’re actually kind of insulting the giver by telling them their statement is wrong, when you don’t just say “thank you!” How ’bout them apples, eh? 
  10. What’s your hidden talent but are perhaps shy about sharing? Maybe you play the guitar (or kazoo?) Your cooking skills would make Martha and Julia jealous? Can you tie cherry stems with just your tongue?! Or maybe you can eat blue cheese without gagging? (That last one is truly commendable. Oof.) Share you doing it online — a selfie or video — and add the hashtag #glowlotus so I can see!

Tell me how it went! And how the next time someone asked what one of your favourite things was, you knew the correct first answer.

Xx, Stace.

My goodness, you GLOW so bright. I believe in you, too.