Even famous people are speaking out.

Do you love your job?

Hot damn! Jackpot. But this is for those of you reading this who don’t. If there are people (internally, like colleagues, or externally, like miserable clients) of your job that are taking a toll on your health… please stop and think.

Your job will not be sitting beside your hospital bed should you fall seriously ill.

Genuine humans, however – they will cheer on your decisions and encourage your personal, mental, and physical growth. They lend an ear, a hug. Anything to see you whole again.

THAT. Good people. Not the desk, the paycheque, the procedures. 

glow lotus
Energy vampires, indeed. Ugh.

Many of us already know this but are afraid to express it. But standing up for what you need is not wrong. You’re right to put yourself first! Put on your best sneakers and run with those feelings!

You’ll hear this often on my page, guys: Get glowing. Eliminate toxic people. Stop it with the toxic lifestyles, or toxic employment. Or all three is even better. Whatever it is that’s putting a hinderance to your shine.

You are you. Respect that. Listen to yourself.

Xx, Stace