If you will it, it‘ll happen.


Remember the movie where he builds a ball field, and his wishes come true? He willed it and poof – a parable for us all to believe in. YOUR WILL MATTERS.

I’m not into faeries, religion, or magic, but I do believe our energy plays a huge part in our circumstances and outcomes. I apologize for being behind on my posts but my will has been BIZZAY.

I saw a job posting and told myself “I am getting this. I will write a resume that can’t be ignored. I’ll interview and show them not only who I really am but what I can offer their business. I will thrive and succeed here!”

You might be thinking I’m full of 💩. That’s okay. It’s a pretty ambitious stance to take. Stace of 10 years ago would have been way too chicken to roll confidently on. Who am I kidding…4 years ago I wasn’t considering I could be strong in most any capacity. I never would have applied.

Pretty sure you know where I’m going with this.

I got the interview. Which landed me the job. Ergo, no recent posts because I’ve been learning a lot with my new gig, on training shifts and reviewing notes at home.


Shouldn’t you wake up every morning stoked on where you work? If you consider calling in “sick” because you resent going…dudes. Reality check. Yeah, this is similar to what I’ve said in prior posts.

Now I’m not oblivious to the obvious that all jobs will have their obstacles and aggravation. But when those are more likely to occur than the good days on shift, it’s a problem. (Unless you’re, like, a defence lawyer for confessed murderers and get stoked on super crummy days. Y’all can keep that.)

My point tonight is I took the risk and quit the Safety Net in January. I worked (really bloody hard) on writing honest cover letters and resumes to jobs I knew I would enjoy. My full time job after quitting? Was spending full time hours on seeking my new career.

It’s a process. It took months. But it happened. Will it. Tell yourself what you want and deserve. Work hard for The Happy.

Maybe it’s not a job change you’re after – apply your will anywhere! Get after that goal outfit with thorough workouts. Ask that other customer out (you know the one – they smile at you every morning at your mutual coffee-stop.)

Get GLOWing; I believe in you! But more importantly you gotta believe in you, too.

Xx, Stace